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Good quality advertising photography is an essential part of any marketing activity for physical products. And choosing an advertising photographer with the right experience and facilities to create the images you need is critical to ensure your products are presented in the right way. From large billboard advertisements to online catalogues, your advertising photography will speak to your customers far more quickly and directly than any amount of text.

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The Importance of Choosing an Experienced Advertising Photographer

Whether you have a very clear idea of what image you need for your advertising campaign, or whether you have a very open brief and require guidance, it is vital to choose an advertising photographer with a great deal of experience.

If you are starting with a very detailed vision of what you need, then delivering exactly the right image to match your vision requires not just technical skill but the experience to really understand what you are trying to achieve.

Alternatively, if you have a very open brief and are looking for creative guidance, only an experienced advertising photographer will have the skill and flexibility to be able to suggest different approaches and know how to deliver them technically.

Stillview are advertising photographers, with over 30 years of advertising photography behind them. With state of the art studio facilities just over an hour north of London, we are available for either studio or location work in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and London, although we welcome clients throughout the UK.

Why Use Stillview as Your Advertising Photographer

First and foremost we make sure that we understand our clients’ requirements and have the experience combined with the creativity to deliver stunning images which enhance your advertising.

With extensive experience of working to tight schedules and with a wide range of clients and product types, we have the capability to carry out top quality advertising photography to fit in with your project timescales.

We use state of the art, high resolution technology, ensuring sharp and superior images – essential for large scale print work.

We handle our own image manipulation in-house and we have extensive experience working with new technology. This means we can often carry out image merging, compositing and special effects ourselves, rather than you needing to find someone else to do this part of the work for you.

We are competitively priced with photographic assignments starting from as little as £75.

We have one of the largest drive in studio facilities in East Anglia, providing flexibility for clients and the ability to undertake demanding projects.  This includes the ability to build complete room sets on site.

Our Range of Advertising Photography Services

Stillview can carry out just about any type of advertising photography including:

Product Photography – We undertake all types of product photography, from the most simple pack shot to the most complex piece of machinery. We ensure that our product photography is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very precise and fitted to the target audience and the medium in which it will appear.

Food and Drink – From serving suggestions on product packaging, to restaurants wanting meal photos for use on flyers or magazine advertising, we can create images of food and drink that are enticing and appetising, with a great deal of attention to lighting and colour combinations.

Vehicle Photography – We shoot vehicles in studio or on location, and can carry out a variety of compositing and special effects in post production to achieve images which are both dynamic and pleasurable to the eye whilst selling the product to its target audience.

Room Set Photography – We have the capability to create detailed room sets in our studio, ideal for selling furniture or other home products. This allows us to create exactly the right atmosphere, showing customers the lifestyle they could achieve if they buy your product.

Catalogue Photography – We have extensive experience of producing images for catalogues. This requires good, clean, sharp images demonstrating the products to be sold. Catalogue shots often need to be cut out against a white background, requiring minimal shadows and even lighting to achieve a clean edge.

People Photography – We can help you create images showing people modelling or using your product that help customers visualise how a product will fit into their lives. This can be especially important for advertising invisible products such as communication or financial services.

Location Photography – We carry out location photography either to show a product in its natural setting (e.g. farm machinery), or to show products in an unusual setting, to attract attention or make a point about a product.

If there is a type of product or advertising photography not mentioned above, please do contact us, as we can almost certainly supply what you need.

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