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Drive In Photography Studio East Anglia

Stillview provide a drive in studio photography service to commercial clients in the East Anglia region including Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, and from all over the UK.   We can work with all vehicle types including cars, people movers, golf buggies, ride on mowers, quad bikes, motorcycles, boats, tractors and more. Our drive in photography service is in addition to our on location service. Here we examine some of the pros and cons of using a drive in photography studio compared to shooting on location.

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About Our Drive in Photography Studio

Our drive in photography studio has large doors for easy vehicular access and plenty of space inside to accommodate up to two cars or a small truck. Outside the studio there is plenty of free parking space enabling you to clean or otherwise prepare your vehicle(s) prior to shooting. The car park can easily accommodate larger trucks or trailers that you may use to transport your vehicle, we well as additional cars to bring additional personnel needed for the shoot (e.g. models or engineers).

Our studio is fully equipped with 12,000 joules of lighting configurable to any lighting scheme that may be required. We also have a good selection of moveable flat walls and props, enabling us to create any backgrounds or sets needed to create the required image.

And we use state of the art digital imaging equipment enabling instant viewing of shots taken, as well as creative digital manipulation as required. We can also produce prints on site to take away at the end of the shoot, as well as electronic formats – although if digital manipulation is required this can take 3 days or more depending on the complexity.

The Benefits of Drive in Studio Photography

Drive in photography is ideal if you require images showing your vehicle with very simple backgrounds (e.g. plain white for use on posters or advertisements) or staged backgrounds (e.g. involving interior elements  such as curtains).

Drive in studio photography is also appropriate if you have special lighting requirements that would not occur naturally outside.

There is also a convenience factor if you are working to tight timescales,Location shoots almost always require shooting in daylight and this can involve waiting around for the lighting or the weather to be right. With drive in studio photography we can arrange a shoot at just about any time of day or night to suit you and achieve a finished product much more quickly.

The length of time required for a particular shoot will vary considerably depending on the complexity of the shots required, how many different shots are required, and whether any post-production is needed (for instance, adding in backgrounds or special effects). We will always aim to establish what type of shot you are looking for before you arrive, to give an indication of how long you can expect the shoot to take.

Benefits of Shooting On Location Versus Drive In Photography

For vehicle images, drive in studio photography is not always the best option. For many purposes it is desirable to show a vehicle in its natural setting (e.g. on the road, on the golf green or on the farm) and where this is a requirement it is far easier and cheaper to arrange to shoot the vehicle on location, rather than trying to add in a background later using digital manipulation. Lighting, shadows and reflections will always look far more natural if captured on location.

Compared to using a drive in photography studio, shooting on location is far more dependent on the weather, which can make the overall shoot time longer and unpredictable. On the other hand, the weather and other natural elements can provide unexpected beauty or drama to images that we could never hope to create in the studio, such as dramatic cloud formations, sunbursts or sunsets, or landscape features such as coast, forest or mountains.

Costs of Drive in Photography Versus Location Photography

In general, drive in photography will tend to be more expensive than shooting on location, as the client is paying for the studio hire as well as the photographer’s time. The cost is increased further if complex post-production of images is required – which is usually more likely with a studio shoot than a location shoot.

Drive In Photography Studio Suffolk

Located in Ipswich, just off the A14, our drive in photography studio is easily accessed from Felixstowe in the east and Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge to the west. Close to the intersection with the A12, we are equally accessible from Colchester and London to the south and from Norwich to the north.

For more information about our drive in photography service please call or email with your requirements.

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