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Product photography is an essential requirement for any company with a physical product to sell. From advertisements, flyers and brochures, catalogues and websites, it is just about impossible to sell a product without high quality photographs showing your products clearly and attractively. Stillview are experienced product photographers based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Over the past 30 years we have carried out a huge number of product photography projects for just about every type of product that exists including shoes, wine, sofas, wardrobes, chairs, footstools, machinery, medical beds and equipment, vehicles, sprinklers…the list is endless.

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The Role of the Product Photographer

An experienced product photographer will do far more than simply point a camera at the product. As well as ensuring we fully understand each client’s brief, we then bring in our experience and creativity to produce images to enhance the appeal of your products.

As part of our product photography process, Stillview’s product photographers will:

  • Take into account where the final image will be used and the overall purpose of the image – what the client wants viewers to think or feel when they see the image, what features need to be most prominent, whether the client wants a simple “pack shot” of the product in isolation, or whether the image needs to suggest the context in which it will be used, involving different backgrounds or additional props.
  • Select lighting carefully, to help convey the right impression. Even lighting creates a clean and uncluttered look which is also easier to cut out in post-production (e.g. if the image is to be composited with other images or graphics later on). Soft shadows create a more natural feel, while heavy shadows can create a more dramatic look.
  • Consider what angle to shoot from – straight on, side on or from above or below.
  • Be up to date regarding current trends in product photography, and carry out competitor research to ensure images fit well alongside those of competitors, or are more distinctive, as required.
  • Suggest different options to enable the client to understand the possibilities, while not being afraid to recommend an approach if the client is looking for guidance.

Product Photography – In Studio or On Location

We carry out product photography either in our own Ipswich studio, or on location, depending on the brief and client preference.

Where we need tight control of lighting, or need to create a room set for the product, then studio photography is the ideal choice.

If the brief calls for natural lighting or a specific environment as a background, then shooting on location is ideal. It is also necessary for larger products that would be difficult to transport or would not fit into our studio.

We have a roughly 50:50 spilt between studio and location product photography and are happy to carry out either to meet the client’s requirements.

Clients are welcome to attend shoots either in studio or on location. Attending studio shoots is a distinct advantage and can help to save time, as the client can see the images on screen almost instantly, enabling fast decisions to be made regarding approval or necessary adjustments.

Product Photography Case Studies

Here are a few of our recent projects, showing the variety of products we deal with, along with the different approaches we take to deliver what a client needs.

Case study #1: National estate agent
The brief:  The client wanted 30 images of an expensive house, in order to achieve a sale. The images were to be used in both web and print publications, as well as the supply of a hardback photo book for use in the office.

Our solution: We photographed the house over a one day period, showing all aspects of the house from the kitchen through to the swimming pool complex. CDs were supplied to client in both web and print format along with hardback book.  The client was extremely pleased as the images helped them to achieve the upper end of the asking price.

Case study #2: Alstons cabinets
The brief: To photograph a collection of bedroom cabinet furniture using a room set in the studio. The client provided an outline of how the room should look (colour scheme and layout), features they wanted shown (exterior and interior of cabinets) and the atmosphere they wanted to achieve (clean and bright).

Our solution: Our product photographer worked with a photo stylist to arrange the furniture and props within the room set and to set up the lighting to give a light and airy feel – a detailed process that took a whole day to achieve. Once the image was taken, the window area was altered in post production to give an external view.  The client was extremely pleased and felt we had achieved exactly the right feeling for the furniture.

Case study #3: Medical beds supplier
The brief: The client wanted very clear and clean shots of the products against a white background, to be used for both web and print.

Our solution: The beds were shot against a white background and lit very evenly, minimising shadows to achieve a feeling of clarity. The images were then cut out in post-production to ensure a very clean feel. Images were supplied in web and print-ready formats.

Case study #4: Glaswells
The brief: Glaswells were opening a new superstore in Ipswich and required an external image of the new store for their website and other publicity material.

Our solution:  By shooting at twilight with the shop lighting on, we achieved a far more dramatic and impressive image than a basic daytime shot. It also meant that the image included a good view of the interior of the shop and the products inside. Photographing from the side rather than the front produced a more angular and dramatic composition. It also allowed us to include the wet road and pavement outside, adding further interest and drama to the overall image. The client has been able to reuse this image in many different publications both on the web and in print.

Product Photography London and East Anglia

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk, just over an hour from London by road and rail and are frequently employed by London advertising and PR agencies looking for high quality product photography within easy reach of the capital. Of course we also serve clients closer to home throughout the East Anglia region including Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. We are an easy drive from Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds or Cambridge via the A14, or from London, Colchester and Norwich via the A12.

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Product Photographer London and East Anglia – click here to contact us to discuss your requirements

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