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At Stillview, we carry out stunning vehicle photography using a range of techniques to achieve results which can really help boost your company’s brand image. We specialise in transport photography of all kinds and can offer either studio or location vehicle photography to suit the vehicles involved and the requirements of the client. Our transport photography experience covers every type of transport including boats, lorries, farm machinery, rigid and curtain sided trucks, container lorries, tractors, earthmoving equipment, trains, tankers, container ships, golf carts and more.

Located in Ipswich, we cater for clients throughout the East of England and London, and our reputation has also earned us clients elsewhere in the UK.

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How Vehicle Photography Can Benefit Your Business

Trucks, cars and tractors may not be the most glamorous of photographic subjects – but with Stillview’s professional quality vehicle photography service you can achieve images which are interesting, dramatic and even beautiful. And when you have a striking image of your vehicles, editors will be keener to include them in their publications, earning you valuable PR and publicity for your business.

Once you have high quality transport photography shots of your products or your vehicle fleet, they can be put to myriad uses on websites, presentations, print advertising, business cards, brochures, exhibition stands, even as art work in reception areas, offices and boardrooms, where they can help to create a culture of pride in the business.

We’re proud to have provided vehicle photography to many well known companies including: Volvo, Scania, Nadira (Mercedes lorries), Karl King transport, Securicor, K line, Associated British Ports, P&O Ferrymasters, and a number of transport and shipping companies working out of the Felixstowe area.

The Process of Transport Photography

Each client is different and we always adjust our process according to what each client needs, but here is a brief overview of how we work.

1. Create a Brief
By far the most important part of the whole process, from the moment you contact us we endeavour to find out as much as possible about what you want from the resulting images, where they are intended to be used, and any ideas you already have for how you want them to look. Some clients have a firm vision in mind and want us to help turn it into reality, others only have a rough idea of what they need and want creative input to come up with ideas. We can work with either level of brief and can work with you to develop ideas. We have plenty of examples of past work to inspire you and help you formulate your own ideas.

2. Arrange the shoot
Once we have a good idea about what you need, we will make the physical arrangements for the shoot (or shoots if necessary) to capture the raw images we require. This may involve any combination of studio or location shooting as necessary. We can cater for vehicles up to small lorry size in our Ipswich studio, but much of our best vehicle photography is produced in outside locations, reflecting how the vehicles are typically used. We understand there are often practical limitations around vehicle availability or location, so we are fully flexible and can arrange times and locations of shoots to suit you.

One of the many advantages of being based in Suffolk is that we have access to a wide variety of different location types, from dual carriageways, modern industrial estates, open farmland, forests, quiet lanes, busy towns or sleepy villages, not to mention coastlines and waterways – making it easy to capture just about any background images we might require.

3. Produce images
We then use the images captured above to create the specific images to meet the brief. This will often involve merging vehicle and background images, and adding any special effects to achieve the finished result. Where images require little or no manipulation final images can often be ready the same day; where significant digital manipulation is needed this can take up to 3 or 4 days. Final images will then be shown to the client for sign off or adjustment as necessary. The final photos are delivered in both high resolution images suitable for printing and web ready images suitable for use on websites.

Transport Photography Case Studies

For many of our clients, looking at past examples of our transport photography work helps them to think about what sort of images they would like for themselves. Here are a few case studies showing the type of brief we have worked with and how we approached the work.

Case study #1: Nidera
The brief: The company required an image of one of their new Mercedes-Benz trucks. The brief was to supply a dramatic and interesting image.

Our solution: First, shots were taken of the stationary truck. Then, through digital imaging, a speed effect was added, using an image of a trailer from a shot taken earlier in the day. The image was then enlarged to 7m wide for installation in the Holland head office – resulting in an extremely happy client.

Case study #2: Karl King Transport
The brief: The client requested that we show a fleet of his lorries – unfortunately only one lorry could be available on the day.

Our solution: The vehicle was shot in multiple locations and digitised into the overall background picture. The client was extremely pleased as this gave him a good image for advertising which would have been unachievable without losing the productivity of four of his lorries for a day.

Case study #3: Securicor
The brief: The client wanted us to come up with images that were not straightforward or obvious and which would attract attention, such as “truck in a famous location”.

Our solution: We suggested not showing all of the truck as everybody knows what a truck looks like. The stationary truck was shot in Thetford Forest and the location background was shot separately. The two images were merged, with a speed effect added digitally at the end. This was a highly successful campaign for the client and gained them much free editorial.

Case study #4: Toro
The brief: To photograph a new series of golf carts. The client wanted to show the pieces of machinery in use, in a golfing situation.

Our solution: We took realistic shots on location, making use of interesting background, sky and landscape features, as well as dramatic angles. Very little digital manipulation was used in these images apart from oversaturation of the sky making the red items stand out. Again the client was very pleased as the images demonstrated exactly what he wanted.

Vehicle Photography London, South East and East Anglia

We are located conveniently in East Anglia, with rail and road links making us perfectly placed to serve clients throughout Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and London, although we are very happy to accept clients further afield. Located in Ipswich we are about half an hour from Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds and Colchester, and about an hour from London, Norwich and Cambridge.

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