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Stillview Photography is a commercial portrait photographer with over 30 years experience of producing high quality business portraits and people shots for a range of business uses, with a wide client base in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London.

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Why Choose Stillview As Your Commercial Portrait Photographer?

Fully equipped studio – We have a large, well equipped studio conveniently located just off the A14 in Ipswich, with all the necessary backdrops and lighting to achieve top quality business portraits. Plenty of free, onsite parking means we can easily accommodate groups of people, for individual or team business portraits.

Up to date digital suite – Shots taken can be instantly seen on large screens and retaken on the spot as required . As well as ensuring customer satisfaction with the resulting business portraits this means that busy people only have to attend once, saving valuable time. It also means that business portraits can be available for use instantly, in any digital format required for web or print. And, if necessary, we can apply post-production editing to ensure a perfect look.

Client driven – We take time to understand the client’s objectives and the context in which the business portraits will be used.  We’ll take into account your company’s overall brand image, where the pictures will appear and desired response from readers or viewers. We then adjust backdrops, lighting, expressions, even the angle we choose to shoot from, to create the right look.

Friendly photographers – Relationship between photographer and sitter is crucial in achieving the right atmosphere for a shoot. Our friendly photographers know just how to put people at ease and achieve the right shots in a short space of time.

Flexible – Our long experience as a commercial portrait photographer means that we understand how difficult it can sometimes be to get key people away from desks or meetings to attend a shoot. We offer clients flexibility regarding shoot timings and can even arrange to visit your site if that is more efficient for you. This also expands the options available for the style of business portraits – for instance, portraits of people at their desks, going about their job or with company equipment or buildings in the background.

Business Portraits for all Purposes

The number of uses of business portraits is constantly expanding, reflecting the explosion in different types of communication media now available. Here are just a few common uses:

Company websites – Business portraits are an easy way to turn a “faceless” company website into something far more appealing and engaging. Portraits are commonly used on Home pages, About Us pages or individual profile pages. We can provide business portraits in a range of web ready formats, for direct use, or for further manipulation in graphics software by your web designers.

Social media profiles – More and more business people are understanding the value of having an online presence for networking and generating business leads, and many are arranging for a commercial portrait photographer to create professional quality photos to use on their LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ accounts. As well as helping you to appear friendly, relaxed and confident, we also take into account technical aspects – for instance many social media sites require square format photos, so we can ensure that we allow for that at the time of shooting.

Press and PR – Any company actively promoting themselves will need to have professional quality business portraits of its key people ready to give to the press for use in articles, to include in press releases, or to use in PR activities of all kinds. As well as ensuring a good impression for your company, we can supply photos in a range of formats required for print or online publishing.

Advertising campaigns – Many companies are perceiving the value of featuring their own employees in advertisements, as a way of engaging with their customers. We can provide close up, full length or posed shots ready for use in your campaigns.

Multiple use – many of our clients will want to reuse their business portraits in multiple places e.g. on their Powerpoint presentation, on the back of a business card, in a company report and on their web page – and they will often want to carry out editing and importing of images themselves with their own desktop software. As well as ensuring the portrait is taken in a way which can be adjusted to fit different aspect ratios, we can supply the finished photos in a range of digital formats to allow them to be opened and edited in a variety of different software applications for different possible uses.

Our Approach to Business Portraits

Most business people wonder what expression they should go for in a business portrait – they want to look like a serious business person but don’t want to look too severe. Using an experienced commercial portrait photographer can help to strike the balance and achieve a professional yet friendly result.

For most business portraits the aim is to encourage potential customers, shareholders or the wider public to make contact or feel good about the company in question. With this in mind, we aim for business portraits which portray people as looking quietly confident while still being very approachable and friendly.

And we’ll also make use of clothing and posture to set the right impression. In generally we’ll ask people to sit or stand upright and wear clothing which helps to depict the type of job they do, as this helps to convey the professionalism and confidence required in a business portrait. It is then far easier to go for a relaxed or smiling expression to convey approachability.

While clients usually require head and shoulder shots for most purposes, we can also provide half length or full length portraits as required. The majority of clients will also require portraits to have eye contact with the viewer, but this is also flexible depending on the required context.

People Shots

As well as taking good quality pictures of your own employees, we can also provide people shots of all kinds to help illustrate web sites or newsletters, or for use in PR or advertising campaigns.

While some companies will make use of image banks for some of their requirements, often it is desirable to show people in specific situations or locations that can’t be found in generic shots. For example:

  • An engineer in your company’s uniform talking to a customer
  • A customer using your product or service
  • A customer visiting your shop or premises
  • A range of typical customers, perhaps reflecting different service options
  • Someone in a local, recognisable location (especially valuable for local businesses)

Commercial Portrait Photographer East Anglia

Based in Ipswich, we are in easy reach for businesses throughout the East of England, including  Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. The A14 connects us east to west to Felixstowe, Bury St.Edmunds and Cambridge, while the A12 connects us to Norwich in the north and Colchester and London in the south.

Business Portraits Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and London – click here to contact us to discuss your requirements

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